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  • Plastics Historical Society (UK).
    If your interests extend to the history of plastics check out
  • Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC).
    Natural rubber research and elastomer consultancy: www.tarrc.co.uk.
  • The International Rubber Study Group.  For data on today’s rubber scene check out www.rubberstudy.com. The IRSG is the authoritative source of statistical data supplied by Member Governments and other countries and organizations on production, consumption and trade in rubber and rubber products within the world rubber industry.  It also provides a forum for the discussion of matters affecting the supply and demand for both synthetic and natural rubbers.
  • The Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society.
    he Rubber Division of the ACS is a professional organization dedicated to providing educational programs, technical resources and other vital services for the people associated with rubber and affiliated industries. www.rubber.org
  • Polymer Science Learning Centre, University of southern Mississippi. This site is meant to supplement high school and college freshman chemistry classes with the science of macromolecular materials. The story and science of rubber are used as a vehicle for teaching polymer principles, and when possible, reinforcing the principles of basic chemistry as well. It is hoped that the commonplace nature of rubber and the human stories presented in this website will help make chemistry more enjoyable for students and more relevant to their daily lives. www.pslc.ws/macrog/exp/rubber
  • Kevin Jones - a steam railway enthusiast and ex-colleague. For Rubber in steam railways click here.
  • Lakelandelements sells a wide range of traditional made-to-measure raincoats  but  on her website Lorraine celebrates the cult of the traditional 'mackintosh' in “Lorraine’s Rainwear Club”. This contains a vast number of pages relating to every aspect of this ubiquitous article. The site is tricky to navigate but the link www.lakelandelements.com/rainwearhistory/rainwearhistoryindex.htm takes you to rainwear history which includes the complete e-text of Hancock’s “Personal Narrative”. Work backwards from here through links in the top right to  “chillout room” then “club foyer” and then to “SHOP” in the bottom left. If you love Mackintoshes you’ll love this site!
  • Computerassistance. The company which built my PC and has kept it running  for many years. Check out what it could do for you at:  http://www.computerassistance.uk.com!


Natural Rubbers - what's in a name?
The Mesoamericans
The Ball Game
Popol Vuh – The Mayan ‘Book of Life’
Rubber goes East
The Putumayo Affair
Growth of the Synthethics

Pictorial Story of Rubber Production
Latex Processing
Dry Rubber Processing
Protective Agents

Charles Marie de la Condamine
François Fresneau
Charles Goodyear
Nathaniel Hayward
Thomas Hancock
Leopold II of Belgium, E D Morel & the Congo
Stephen Moulton
Henry Morton Stanley
Sir Henry Wickham

Wallace Carothers
Waldo Semon