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Photographs or prints of many of those involved in the story of rubber can be accessed from the index below but please be patient as these large files may take some time to open). The order is broadly chronological with associated characters grouped together.

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Charles Marie de la Condamine (image 1, image 2)

Joseph Priestly

Betty Hancock (painted by her son Charles) - mother of :

Charles Hancock,

Walter Hancock (also painted by Charles)

and Thomas Hancock. (painting, photograph and rubber medallion)

Charles Macintosh

William Brockedon

James Lyne Hancock

Walter Hancock jnr

Edwin Chaffee

Nathanial Hayward

Charles Goodyear

Stephen Moulton

R.W. Thomson

John Boyd Dunlop

Sir Clements Markham

Dr Joseph Hooker

Sir Henry Wickham - photograph and bust

Henry Ridley - photograph and sculpture

King Leopold II (not available)

Henry Morton. Stanley

Edmond Dene Morel

Sir William Augustus Tilden

Wallace Carothers

Waldo Semon


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The Mesoamericans
The Ball Game
Popol Vuh – The Mayan ‘Book of Life’
Rubber goes East
The Putumayo Affair
Growth of the Synthethics

Pictorial Story of Rubber Production
Latex Processing
Dry Rubber Processing
Protective Agents

Charles Marie de la Condamine
François Fresneau
Charles Goodyear
Nathaniel Hayward
Thomas Hancock
Leopold II of Belgium, E D Morel & the Congo
Stephen Moulton
Henry Morton Stanley
Sir Henry Wickham

Wallace Carothers
Waldo Semon